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Rental Rates and Policies

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Villa Rental Rates 2018/2019

Units 2018/2019 Peak Season
June 15th  thru Labor Day
Rate Base Shoulder Season
Nightly (2 night min)
Add'l Guest
(8 years & older)
Pet Charge
(Per pet/week or stay)
7 Nights 4 Nights
3 Nights
5 bedroom
3 bath
$5,458.00 $3,301.00 $2,521.00 10 $236.00 2 $52.50 $80.00

2 bedroom
2 bath
$4,075.00 $2,511.00 $1,929.00 6 $236.00 2 $52.50 $80.00
2 bedroom
2 bath
$4,075.00 $2,511.00 $1,929.00 6 $236.00 2 $52.50 $80.00
LAKESIDE VILLAS - No Pets Allowed.
Duck Blind Upper
4 bedroom
4 bath
$5,458.00 $3,301.00 $2,521.00 10 $236.00 2 $52.500 N/A
Duck Blind Lower
2 bedroom
2 bath
$3,396.00 $2,123.00 $1,638.00 4 $236.00 2 $52.500 N/A
Lily Pad Upper
3 bedroom
3 bath
$4,075.00 $2,511.00 $1,929.00 6 $236.00 2 $52.500 N/A
Lily Pad Lower
2 bedroom
2 bath
$3,396.00 $2,123.00 $1,638.00 4 $236.00 2 $52.50 N/A

Double Occupancy - "Off Season"

In the off season, couples may be able to get away without the whole family because of school or other commitments. The Double Occupancy policy allows for more affordable rates during the "Off Season". The Double Occupancy rate is the rate per night for either the first or first and second person staying. For example, if the Double Occupancy Rate is $236.00/Night, then as long as the reservation is limited to two persons, the rate of $236.00 applies for each night. However, if there are any persons staying for the reservation who are 8 years and older, the additional per person charge applies; in the case of villas that is $52.50/Person/Night. So, regardless of how many rooms are in the accommodation, if there are 10 persons who are 8 years and older, the rate of $236.00 covers the first 2, and the 8 additional persons stay for an additional $420/Night, or $52.50/Person/Night for the additional 8 persons. "Peak Season Rates Start June 15th and End on Labor Day".

Check-In and Check-Out Times

CHECK-IN: after 4:00 PM • CHECK-OUT: before 10:00 AM


Please check in at main office to sign paperwork and provide a copy of your Driver license.

Linen Change

If you request a extra linen change during your stay a fee of $35 per bed will be charged.

Pet Policy

  • There is a charge for pets. This charge is per stay or week, whichever is shorter. See the rate table.
  • While walking your pet around the compound, please have him/her on a leash, and would like you to have it relieve in the wood chips and not in the grass, picking up behind if necessary.
  • While in the cabin, your pet may roam freely. However, if you leave the cabin with him/her inside alone, it must be kenneled so the staff can enter and exit freely and without disturbing your pet. Of course this works to both the staff's as well as the pet's benefit.
  • Pets must be kenneled when left alone. .